Genealogy Reports

Ireland is where strange tales begin
and happy endings are possible.
- Charles Haughey


UPDATED 12 July 2013

Click either of the links below to launch the file:

Wayt Descendant Narrative

Winters Descendant Narrative

Lesh Descendant Narrative

Simms Descendant Narrative

Due to the ever-increasing size of the Narrative Report (thanks to our wonderful contributors!), I have made the difficult decision to convert the file to the .PDF format.  Please allow a generous amount of time to download these files!

General instructions for reading the Reports:

1. Numbers in bold black font are primary numbers of members of a particular generation you are browsing in - they are NOT repeated by generation.

2. Superscript after FIRST NAMES (not italicized) refers to generations. You will note that these superscript numbers continue to repeat themselves throughout the Narrative, thus they are NOT footnotes. Footnotes appear as italicized superscript, will appear anywhere EXCEPT a first name, and will be unique.

3. Please take some time and review the Notes page! (see the link at the bottom of every page) We've made it so it pops up in a separate Window so you can simply click back and forth and not have to browse back to your place in the Narrative. (Make sure you have enabled popups in your browser for!) The Notes are extremely important in understanding the context of what the Narrative is displaying.