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Being Irish, he had an abiding sense of tragedy,
which sustained him through temporary periods of joy.
W.B. Yeats

This section features materials in the form of image files associated with our ancestors.  Virtually all of these items are or will be referenced in the Genealogy Report along with the proper citation of the contributor(s).  These include the following:

  • Birth and death certificates

  • Marriage licenses

  • Military records

  • Wills and deeds

  • Other research materials

I have decided against including Census records since they are now all available directly online - free of charge if you visit your local library.  The Genealogy Report contains the information you will need to access the images of the Census records.  If you would like a Census image, please contact me and I will email you one!

Keep in mind that storage space is expensive, so the images themselves are basically for viewing on the computer only.  If you would like copies of the images in their original resolutions, please contact me and I will forward them to you, thanks.

I would especially like to thank Margaret DeBolt, Mickie Griffith, and Lauri Lesh for contributing their extensive obituary and records collections for this webpage.

Research tip:  It it time-prohibitive to list all of the names that are directly associated with the records below.  Obituaries, military pension records, wills, and the like can include a host of good references to folks other than the primary individual.  If you are looking for information about a person and don't see his/her name listed here, then try a record of a relative closely associated with that person, especially a parent or spouse.  Our goal is to have all of the materials we possess up on this site in one form or another, but it might take a little poking around to find something you need.  If you need additional help, feel free to contact me, thanks.


Note:  Names in the table below are listed in alphabetical order by  surname.  Women are listed by maiden name, if known, else, by married name.  (The reason that the surnames are not in the familiar Last, First format is so that the names will show up using Google.)  There are tools you can use to locate an individual in this list:  your browser's Edit --> Find function, our Site Map, and if you're not sure of a name, but can remember a relationship, use the Genealogy Report.  When you open the file, you may notice a small yellow icon accompanying the page images.  Place your mouse pointer over the icon and important information about the file will be displayed.  All images are from the archive of Gregory J Winters unless otherwise noted.


Name Birth Death Marriage Military Other
Thomas Walter ADAIR       WWI registration  
George D. ANDERSON   newspaper obituary      
Lavernia B. ANDERSON Simms   death certificate      
Mary Edna BARCUS Wayt   death certificate      
Malinda S. BARKER Wayt   death certificate      
Mildred L. BARNES Lesh   newspaper obituary    
Beulah BLAKE Winters   death certificate      
Luticia J. BLAKE Neely   death certificate      
William Ralph 'Bill' BLASS   obituary    
Mary Eleanor BLATCHLEY Winters   death certificate      
Mary Ann BUESCHLER Lesh   newspaper obituary    
Raymond BURGE   death certificate      
Malinda BURKHAM Winters   death register      
John BURRIS   death register      
Morton Dement CAMPBELL   death certificate      
Loretta Leal CHASE Winters death certificate
Olive COLE birth record        
Henry Louis COOK       WWI registration  
Rex Ray COOK   newspaper obituary      
Margaret June COOK Winters   funeral announcement    
Elizabeth COULTRE Wayt   burial record      
William Harrison COX     Union Army record  
Arbie Bidwell CREIGHTON   death certificate    
Brady Marshall CREIGHTON       WWI registration  
Chester Eugene CREIGHTON   death certificate    
Daniel B. CULP     Union Army record  
Daniel Lester DAGUE   newspaper obituary      
Eliza Jane DAGUE Keyser   death certificate      
Harry L. DAGUE   newspaper obituary      
James W DEBARR       Civil War pension record  
Elsie Louise DEGARMO Winters   newspaper obituary    
Alonzo Samuel DOLVIN   funeral announcement

newspaper obituary

Joseph William "Bud" DOLVIN (REESE)       newspaper article
Norma Jane DOLVIN (REESE) Winters birth certificate   wedding announcement   newspaper article


Annie DOWLER Winters   death certificate      
Catherine Amelia EVANS Wayt   death certificate      
Doris Irene FAULKNER Wayt death certificate
Edward FLAHERTY   death certificate      
Edward Joseph FLAHERTY, Jr,   death certificate      
Laura A. GOULDSBERRY Young     50th anniversary newspaper    
GRIFFITH (family)   marriage records  
Charles Louis "Poppy" GRIFFITH   funeral home notice   group ancestry
Charles Norton GRIFFITH   funeral home notice

death certificate
marriage certificate group sheet
Emma Jane Wayt GRIFFITH       group sheet
George W GRIFFITH   death certificate      
Lois Jean GRIFFITH Maroney   funeral home notice      
Eleanor (Elenore) HARMONY Lesh   60th anniversary newspaper  
Laura Virginia HENDRICKS Wayt   newspaper obituary      
Freda Lanore HILLBERRY Daugherty   newspaper obituary      
Adam August HORTON       group sheet
Addison Wayt HORTON birth record

birth certificate
    group sheet
Claude HORTON birth record        
George Edward HORTON birth record        
Gladys J. "Gladia" HORTON birth record        
Glenn HORTON, Sr. birth record        
Laetia HORTON   death certificate    
Idella Charlotte HORTON Jones birth record       group sheet
Martha Virginia KELLEY Dague   newspaper obituary    
Margaret E KNAPP Ruth   death certificate      
Karen Kay KNIGHT Meachan   newspaper obituary      
Catherine Marie LESH Reese (Dolvin)   wedding announcement  
Charles A. LESH   newspaper obituary    
Edward B. LESH   newspaper obituary 60th anniversary newspaper  
George LESH (1818-1894)   newspaper obituary    
Harold E. "Heinie" LESH   newspaper obituary    
Harvey B. LESH, Sr.   newpaper obituary    
Henry Amaziah LESH   newspaper obituary    
Howard R. LESH   newspaper obituary    
Isaac Newton LESH   newspaper obituary    
Jacob LESH (1812-1892)   newspaper obituary    
"Popa" John Harmony LESH   funeral announcement    
John R. LESH   newspaper obituary    
Joseph Francis LESH   newspaper obituary    
Josiah LESH   newspaper obituary    
Lester LESH   newspaper obituary    
Lettie Mamie LESH   newspaper obituary    
Lucille Marie LESH   newspaper obituary    
Murray L. LESH   newspaper obituary    
Peter LESH (1825-1901)   newspaper obituary    
Wesley LESH   newspaper obituary    
William LESH   newspaper obituary    
William H. LESH (1846-1907)   newspaper obituary    
Zachariah LESH   newspaper obituary    
William A LOTHAMER       WWI draft registration  
John Alexander LOWRIE       group sheet
James MARSHALL       transcription of deed
Ocie Pearl MASON Wayt death certificate
Margaret Jennie McANANY Lesh   newspaper obituary    
Mary McCARIHAN Ruth   death certificate      
Viola Nettie MILLER Winters   death certificate      
Carrie Jane MINNIX Winters   death certificate      
Eliza Jane MURDY Simms   death record    
John H. ORMSBY     Union Army record  
Absolum "Tom" PITTMAN     Union Army record  
David POLLOCK   burial record      
Edward POLLOCK   burial record Union Army record  
Susan M. POLLOCK   burial record      
William REESE   newspaper obituary wedding announcement    
Pauline A. RIEDEL Griffith     marriage certificate    
Martha Ann RITCHEA Ruth   death certificate      
Anna Eliza ROSEBERRY Creighton   death certificate      
Zachariah James RUDE       Union Army record  
Leona Jane RUTH Winters   death certificate      
Rudolph Reed RUTH death certificate
William Jacob RUTH   death certificate      
Katharine R. SHORTS Wayt   burial record      
Luella SHOWALTER Wayt   death certificate      
Alfred F. SIMMS   death certificate      
Alonzo Loring SIMMS   death certificate      
Amanda Mae SIMMS Wayt   death certificate      
Charles Milton Simms   death certificate      
Lewis D. SIMMS   death record

burial record

Matthew SIMMS       Civil War record  
Mont Leroy SIMMS   death certificate      
Edna Belle SLUSSER Lesh   newspaper obituary      
Margaret "Maggie" STAUFFER Lesh   newspaper obituary      
Martha H. STROMP Wayt   burial record      
Margaret STROSNIDER Wayt   death certificate      
Sadie STROSNIDER   obituary & eulogy      
George Henry TILTON       Union Army record  
Lonnie C THOMPSON   obituary      
Martin L. VERMILLION       Union Army record  
Mary Elizabeth VESSELS Wayt   newspaper obituary      
Addison Monroe WAYT       Union Army record  
Albert B. WAYT       Union Army record  
Allen N. WAYT (Wait)       pension file

Union Army record

Andrew WAYT (1835-1915)       Union Army record  
Andrew Jackson WAYT (1839-1922)       Union Army record  
Arthur Alvin WAYT   newspaper obituary      
Bertha Fern WAYT   obituary wedding announcement   letter
Beverly WAYT   death certificate      
Carrie Ethel "Dot" WAYT   newspaper obituary      
Charles Dix WAYT   death certificate      
Charles Grover "Babe" WAYT       WWII draft registration  
Charles Napoleon WAYT       WWI draft registration  
Charles Russell WAYT   death certificate   WWI draft registration  
Charles William WAYT   newspaper obituary      
David F. WAYT   burial record      
David Francis WAYT       WWI draft registration  
David Wesley WAYT         MN land record
Dessie WAYT birth record        
Dorothy WAYT   death certificate      
Elizabeth Margaret WAYT birth record        
Francis M. "Frank" WAYT   burial record      
George WAYT (1909-1926) birth record        
George Manson WAYT   newspaper obituary      
Gomer Griffith Thomas WAYT         group sheet
Harry Sinclair "Hal" WAYT   newspaper obituary      
Homer Benton WAYT   memorial card      
Ira James WAYT   memorial card      
James WAYT (~1830-1874)       Union Army record  
James Boyce WAYT   newspaper obituary      
James Knox WAYT       Union Army record  
Jasper Richard WAYT   newspaper obituary      
Jay E. WAYT   burial record      
John WAYT (1806-1868)         estate court case & will
John E. WAYT (1841-1908)   burial record

John R. WAYT   burial record      
John Ronald WAYT   newspaper obituary      
Joseph WAYT (~1834-1902)       Union Army record  
Joseph B. WAYT (1843-1921)       Union Army record  
Joseph Benjamin WAYT   death certificate      
Josephine WAYT birth record        
Lee Elwood "Dee" WAYT   newspaper obituary      
Melvin WAYT         group sheet
Napoleon R. WAYT       various records

Union Army record

Nathaniel WAYT (1784-1849)         will transcription
Nathaniel WAYT (1831-1916)       Union Army record  
Ralph E. WAYT birth record        
William Blaine WAYT         report card
William David WAYT       Union Army record  
William L. WAYT       Union Army record  
Lulu B. WAYT Bowman   newspaper obituary      
Ida Mae WAYT Flanigan birth record        
Carrie Ethel WAYT Herrick   newspaper obituary      
Addie WAYT Horton   death certificate     group sheet
Mary "Polly" Pyatt WAYT Pollock   burial record      
Andrew WAYTS   newspaper obituary     estate papers
Milton R. "Bud" WEAR   obituary      
Ottie B. WELLING Simms   death record

burial record

Gertrude May WILKINSON Heckathorn   death certificate      
Anne Corinne WINTERS         school
Harvey Ellsworth WINTERS   newspaper obituary      
Howard Lee WINTERS   newspaper obituary      
Leonidas Simpson "Lonnie" WINTERS   newspaper obituary wedding announcement   letter

SS card

Leonidas Simpson "Lee" WINTERS II   newspaper obituary wedding announcement dogtag diploma
June Irene WINTERS Keeper   obituary      
Sarah Kathryn "Katie" WINTERS Wayt   newspaper obituary      
William Daniel WINTERS   obituary     newspaper article
Allen Blaine YOUNG newspaper obituary
Cyrus Davenport YOUNG     50th anniversary newspaper    
Warren Boyd YOUNG   newspaper obituary      
Joyce M. YOUNG Cook   funeral announcement

newspaper obituary