By Killarney's lakes and fells,
Em'rald isles and winding bays,
Mountain paths and woodland dells,
Mem'ry ever fondly strays.
-Michael W. Balfe

When it comes to the Wayt family (West Virginia in particular), comprehending in-law ancestries is vital to understanding the culture and relationships of the original family tree members.  Although at the present time our Wayt database contains only two known examples of first-cousin marriages (out of over 6700 people!), there are scores of 'multiple touchpoint' surnames which are every bit as important as those known as Wayt.

It will be our goal to call out as many of these in-law ancestries as we can on this page.  Generally, the PDF files below will contain three elements:  a graphic of the spouse's ancestry and additional touchpoints (if any), a formal text report of the ancestry (with citations), and (hopefully) additional information about the heritage of the family and importance to the Wayts.

The list below will be sorted in alphabetical order by maiden name-surname, but displayed with given name first for clarity.  Click on the little tree icon to the left of the names.  Caution:  some of these files might be upwards of 5MB in size, so please allow sufficient time for download.  As always, any comments, suggestions, corrections, etc. are MORE than welcome.

Ahnentafel Explained

Ahnentafel is a word commonly used in genealogy although it probably confuses most newcomers.  Ahnentafel is a German word that literally translates as "ancestor table."  It is a list of all known ancestors of an individual and includes the full name of each ancestor as well as dates and places of birth, marriage, and death whenever possible.  It also has a strict numbering scheme.

At this point you might be wondering:  If we have the 'family tree' in the form of the Genealogy Report (Narrative), why do we want an Ancestor Report?  There is a very important answer to this question:  because the standard Narrative format excludes all in-laws to the family tree with the exception of spouses.

  Henry I. Bean (1819 - 1880)

  Lewis H. Billiter (1836 - 1923)

  Sarah Negus Wayt (1785 - ?)

  Mary Pyatt Wayt (~1746 - 1837)

  William P. Workman (~1736 - 1836)

  Rachel Mellott Wayt (1799 - ?)

  Null - Keyser (Sharp-eyed readers will note the Keyser connection to the Dague-Winters clan in this document.  This is one of many somewhat distant, but solid links between the Wayt and Winters families - long before the marriages of the two families in 1915 made it official!)