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There is something about the places we live in which represents a spiritual as well as physical attachment we have with our lives and loved ones.  We leave little pieces of ourselves in our homes in the way we have decorated and arranged things, spent long hours thinking and conversing, experienced life's highs and lows...and phrases such as 'if these walls could only talk!' are wonderfully accurate ways of stating our feelings.

Click the link below for a collection of photos of places where our ancestors made their homes.  Most are present-day images taken long after our folks passed into the Great Beyond, and there are many cases where the homes they lived in simply do not exist any longer.  There are a few where we are fortunate enough to have images of the homes back when they were actually a 'part of the family.'

In any case, take an extra few moments as you browse the images and try to image yourself back, back, back...you'll be surprised at how quickly some of your own precious memories reappear.


O, to have a little house!
To own the hearth and stool and all!
The heaped up sods against the fire,
The pile of turf against the wall!
- Padraic Colum

Why I like kids...


Thanks to Nancy Wayts Ayers for the following gravestone photos!

Thanks to Priscilla Wear for the Did You Know submissions!

Homes of Our Ancestors

contributed by Nancy Wayts Ayers



contributed by Nancy Wayts Ayers


contributed by Norma Moretz-Horvitz

contributed by Gregory J Winters

Click here for a view of the unbelievable Organization Chart of the new health plan being proposed by Congress.  One reaction I received after distributing this was, "Yikes!!  Wouldn't the old Wayt country doctor shake his head at that one!"  Referring to Dr. William D. Wayt of Millsboro, West Virginia.  (Thanks, Kathy!)