The links listed below are obviously only a scratch of the surface of what's available on the Internet nowadays.  I have endeavored to sift a little and list what are relevant to our family surnames.  Please shoot me an email if you find that a link has changed or expired, thanks!


First and foremost on any genealogist's list is Cyndi's List.  Instead of describing it here, one trip to the site is all it will take to demonstrate its reputation.

The earliest ancestors of both the Wayt and Winters families hailed from the (West) Virginia Panhandle area.  There are two excellent websites which contain just about everything you need to know to begin your research:  the WAGS-Ohio County site, and the Marshall County site.  These are a part of Linda Fluharty's West Virginia genealogy sites group which is located here. has a wonderful community surname bulletin board which is is free of charge, although you must register to post.  Here are the links to the Wayt and Winters family boards.

West Virginia has begun an aggressive initiative to get state vital records online and what they've already done has contributed tremendously to our body of knowledge.  A free service, you can find it here.

Skip Magyar has created an awesome website for Belmont County, Ohio researchers.  You must register to gain access.  The website is a portal to a number of surnames, too.