...to the Winters & Wayt Family website! This site is designed to consolidate and display all of the information regarding the Winters & Wayt family trees as well as the important inter-related families (please see our Surname listing!) who have multiple entry points into the tree.

Please take a moment to enjoy our Opening Presentation!  It can be viewed simply by clicking the link and allowing the file to load in your browser, or by right-clicking and Save Target.  (Please allow enough time for ~5MB download.)  Make sure you have your sound on!  Note:  file works with Microsoft PowerPoint 2000-2003 only.  We will be uploading a version for Office 2007 shortly, thanks.

Over the years, there have been a number of individuals who have performed an amazing amount of research regarding the Wayt family. This website is designed to expand upon their work and make it available to everyone utilizing 21st century computer and Internet technology. In addition, we will eventually provide more documentation of the records listed (including digital scans and photos of official records sources), photos of as many folks in the tree as is possible, photos of gravestones and directions to and maps of cemeteries, and a more robust contact method (possibly even a mailing list). Until we've built more sophisticated tools, however, simply use your browser's Search Page features to locate the information you're interested in.  (For those who need it, text links are provided at the bottom of each page.)

This website is for all of us, so PLEASE take the time and provide the web hosts additions and corrections to this tree by sending me an email! We'd like to get the Wayt Family Tree as up to date as we can as soon as possible.

IMPORTANT! By default, this site only displays information of deceased members of the database and those living who have given us permission to display. The webmaster has made every attempt to be as accurate as possible. If you would prefer to have you and/or your family's information visible, or if you spot an error, please let the webmaster know using the e-mail link provided below. Please allow for up to one week for the revisions to be posted. Thank you!

I would like to thank the following for their time and contributions to this project: Nancy Ayers, Ann Jobe Brown, Helen Count-Wayt, Margaret W. DeBolt, Shirley Rabinoff Duke, Anne Wayt Dunivan, Tamryn Glaser, Mickie Griffith, Audrey Winters Hamilton (in memoriam), Barbara Hamilton, Karen Hollen, Patty Jefferson, Alfred Laser, Elaine Muldrew, Jim & Sara Jane Rinehart, Sylvia Sligar, William & Janet Sparks, Kevin Spicer, Robert Upton, Bert Wayt, Charles 'Chuck' Wayt, Douglas & Susanna Wayt, William Wayt, Wilma Wayt, Milton & Priscilla Wear, Don Wesley, Anne Corinne Winters, Jeff & Marye Ellen Winters, and Lon Winters.

Special thanks to Kathleen for accompanying me on my field trips and 'keeping score, trudging through remote boneyards, sitting through countless hours of 'cuzzin chatter,' patiently listening while I let off steam about ornery computers, and sharing my excitement with new accomplishments and discoveries.  'Preciate it, sweetie!  :-)

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