Gary Gamble

Hello Family Members!  The ancestry discoveries continue to come, and this one is very special because it speaks to our family spiritual heritage.   My grandmother (Gertie Wayt Gamble) had a brother named Elihu C. 'Hugh' Wayt (my great uncle).  After extensive research, I found that he was a minister for most of his life.  He spent the majority of his life pastoring a church in Mt. Vernon, Ohio.  I found that he was a very successful minister and got a lot of newspaper coverage in those days.  I found many newspaper clippings that give some amazing facts about his life. Some of the details reveal that he dealt with some very human aspects of life as well.  It is a very exciting discovery to find an ancestor who walked before us who spent his life sharing the gospel of Jesus Christ.  His life is a part of our spiritual heritage and a part of who we are as a family!





Webmaster's note:  Gary has contributed a great deal of information to T\this branch of our family.  Readers are invited to download the Descendant Narrative in our library section to view his updates.  I am grateful for Gary's efforts and sharing with us these wonderful parts of his past.