Make it green, my life - all the shades and smells of it.
Imelda Maguire

The gallery consists of portraits of family members sampled from my archives as well as from contributions from others.  (Unless noted, the source of the images is my archives.)  The three groups below represent over 300 wonderful images from a number of different branches of the family.  They represent a research milestone for me as well as others.  As I receive more images, I will be posting them in an additional group entitled 'New Images!' until we reach a number where I can create an additional group.

Thanks to all for sharing your memories with us!

Tips For Using The Slide Show

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2.  By default, the thumbnail will open a large image in the same browser window.  If you would like to open the image in a separate window so that you do not have to browse back and forth, then right-click on the thumbnail and select 'Open Link in New Window,' (IE v7.0 users can also select 'Open Link in New Tab' - a nice new feature).

3.  Due to the various sizes of the images, some scrolling may be necessary in order to see the full image and the descriptive notes at the bottom.

4.  The large image viewer also contains a Slide Show utility.  This is kind of fun, but if you'd really like to study the images, we recommend browsing the images in this view manually.  To do this, there are navigation arrow buttons to the left and right of the Home button in the large image view window.  These will scroll you through the images one at a time, back and forth, and you can always click the Home button to return to Thumbnail View.

5.  For best results, we suggest using the browser in Full Screen View (View --> Full Screen or just press the F11 key).  This will eliminate most of the scrolling required to the the full images and notes in normal view.  To get back to normal view, just press the F11 key again.

OK, you're ready to get started!  Click on the links below and enjoy!

Photo Album

Family Homesites

2006 Hollen Family Reunion