Welcome to our Biographies section of the site!  This section is dedicated to all those - past and present - who have contributed many hours of long, hard work to uncover and organize all of the information that you see in this website.  Keep in mind that many of these folks began their work long before the age of computers.  This meant long hours and tedious work with index cards, file cabinets, ring binders, and countless pens and pencils just to keep track of everything.

The folks you click the links on and read about below have agreed to share some of the details of their personal experiences with genealogy.  I have enjoyed and continue to enjoy wonderful relationships with them, and this section represents our tribute to their efforts.  I know you will enjoy the stories!

(Entries edited for content, grammar, and spelling.)

Nancy Wayts Ayers

Margaret Wayt DeBolt

Shirley Rabinoff Duke

Anne Wayt Dunivan

Alfred Laser

Elaine Murray Muldrew

Sylvia Elaine Sligar

Wilma Evans Wayt