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This section features miscellaneous items of interest from and about our family members.  The format is simple:  the newest items are at the top of the page.  Simply read the descriptions below and click on the links to launch the articles!  (Some of these documents are a little large, so please allow sufficient time for downloading.)  Don't forget to check the Research Materials page for additional items.  We'd like to thank all our 'cuzzins' out there for contributing!

(Unless otherwise noted, all materials from the personal archives of Gregory J Winters.)

  • Nancy Wayts Ayers has forwarded a couple of links about DNA testing (Family Tree DNA, Genebase Bionet Builder, and a BBC News article) that are quite fascinating!  As you might suspect, this is the genealogy research of the future, and it's quite possible that we'll be able to locate relatives of the past and present not by musty records, but by genetic tests!

  • Normally, we don't get much into subjects such as politics and religion on our website, but there is no denying how fundamental these subjects were to our ancestors.  During a visit to the Lincoln burial site in Springfield, Illinois, we happened across the gravesite of another famous American located only a few hundred yards away:  John L. Lewis.  We know of a number of Wayt family members who worked in the West Virginia mines, and there's no doubt as to how influential John L. Lewis was to their lives.  We've compiled a nice summary of Lewis' life along with some photos of his gravesite.

  • Margaret DeBolt sent along another fine newspaper article from Joe Roxby.  This is about local people serving in the armed forces in Iraq.

  • A rare, handwritten history of the Strosnider family from the archives of Margaret Wayt DeBolt.

  • Margaret DeBolt contributed a copy of an old map of West Pike Run Township in what is now Washington County, Pennsylvania that shows where the 66 acres that Andrew Wayt purchased in 1797 is located.

  • Some interesting trivia about West Virginia contributed by Priscilla Winters Wear.

  • Genealogy Musings from the Internet.  Short, but quite thought-provoking!  (Normally, I don't post unsolicited material directly from the Internet, but this came from an unknown spammer to my personal email box.)

  • JoAnn Riley McKey compiled a detailed summary of the events of the lives of Andrew Wayt (~1738-1814), and his son, Andrew.  Contributed by Margaret Wayt DeBolt.

  • Here's another interesting article from Joe Roxby submitted by Margaret DeBolt.

  • The surname Berisford / Beresford is quite common in the WV Panhandle area, so it is not surprising that this family is linked to the Wayts (in our case, through the Coffields, most directly).  Margaret DeBolt has contributed a few detailed letters from Worley Berisford (also a Yoho family member!) which contain lots of interesting facts and notes about old West Virginia life.

  • Margaret DeBolt contributed a concise little history of the Vessels family.  Mary Elizabeth Vessels was the second wife of Dr. William Davenport Wayt.

  • William Davenport Wayt and wife, Nancy Elizabeth Null were quite the letter writing team!  William had to leave his young family early on to travel to Cincinnati, Ohio to attend medical school there.  Margaret Wayt DeBolt has contributed a set of transcriptions of these original letters for our enjoyment.  Note: file size ~6MB.  Scans of a few of the originals are here.

  • We all know that hill folk can have their feuds!  Here's a copy of court summons papers between David Armstrong and in-law John Wayt, courtesy of Margaret Wayt DeBolt.  Tip:  use the rotate feature in your PDF Reader to read the handwriting.

  • Have you ever wondered what all of those motifs on gravestones and mausoleum doors were all about?  Here's a concise little table explaining the tradition of the images.

  • We've got a nice collection of articles about the Allen family contributed by Margaret Wayt DeBolt.  Margaret's mother was Margaret Allen Wayt, wife of William Blaine Wayt.

  • From the archives of Margaret Wayt Debolt, we have an interesting set of letters from her half-uncle, Charles Dix Wayt to his wife, Margaret Strosnider Wayt.  These are scans of the actual documents and always fascinating to view.

  • Here's a real nice summary of the lineage of our famous cousin, William 'Bill' Blass, courtesy of Belmont County, Ohio researcher and historian, Skip Magyar (who has helped us immensely with our Keyser and Mellott family lines).

  • Thanks to Wooster Bertram "Bert" Wayt for our latest additions:  three interesting and quite important documents about the Iowa Wayts!  First, there is a nice genealogy of the background and descendants of John and Sarah Negus Wayt.  Next, we have an overview of the Wayt involvement in the history of Sac City, Iowa that includes a detailed rundown of the Wayt connection with the Quakers, both in Pennsylvania and in Indiana where Sarah Negus Wayt Sopher eventually settled.  Finally, there is an Appendix document which includes some history and stories of the Iowa Wayts along with numerous texts of obituaries.

  • Prominent in one branch of the Wayt clan is the Strosnider family.  Here's a letter from John Strosnider to his sister, Maggie Strosnider, postmarked just two days after she had married Charles Dix Wayt.  (Courtesy archive of Margaret Wayt DeBolt.)

  • Here's an interesting old letter to teacher James Sivert from one of his students.  (Courtesy archive of Margaret Wayt DeBolt.)

  • Another nice newspaper article from cousin Joe Roxby about the annual Ft. Henry days held at Oglebay Park in Wheeling, from The Wheeling Intelligencer, 31 August 2006, here.  (larger file, so please allow extra time for download)

  • Wayt descendants featured in The Wheeling Intelligencer, 23 August 2006, here.

  • Over this past Labor Day weekend, the 100th anniversary of the West Alexander, Pennsylvania Fair occurred.  We've included a nice little article here with a surprise inside!

  • Nancy Wayts Ayers has contributed a fascinating article about the mathematical structure of the family tree for mankind.

  • Cousin Joe Roxby, a descendant of William Davenport and Mary Vessels Wayt, had a nice article published in the Pathfinder, a Wheeling area newspaper, in January 2006, entitled "Good Reading for Winter Evenings."  (Thanks to Margaret DeBolt for sending this one along.)

  • We've posted an excellent article in the 2 July 2006 edition of the Wheeling News-Register about Lydia Boggs Shepherd the old Shepherd mansion in Elm Grove, West Virginia.