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10 December 2013

Due to continuing problems with my genalogy software, I have been forced to reduce our family tree reports to just five generations in order to ensure that the names of living persons are not broadcast on the Internet.  This is unforutnate because there are only a handful of Generation 6 folks still alive and other researchers could really benefit from being able to see the information of all the rest who have passed on, but there is no way to get the software to cooperate.  Anyone who searches this site and would lke additional information about a particular person or branch of the tree is welcome to contact me personally and I promise not to hand out information about any living person.  Sorry for the confusion.

8 November 2013

Many thanks to Chelsea Travis who supplied a tremendous amount of detailed information about the descendants of Claude Keith and Tacie Kilgore Winters - so much that a new edition of the Winters Family Descendant Narrative is up on the site for your perusal.

12 July 2013

MAJOR UPDATE!  After much consternation weighing the pros and cons, I've decided to upload our family tree (all families) to Ancestry.  Currently, however, Ancestry's tree information features leave a lot to be desired, but you will be able to search the entire tree.  I've decided to make the tree public for right now.  This means that you should be able to see any person's name who has not been 'privatized.'  Since Ancestry provides only very basic information in the trees for right now, if I can provide additional, please do not hesitate to contact me - either through Ancestry or this website.

I've worked on privatizing as many living individuals as I can, but with over 9200 people in the database, mistakes can be made.  I've endeavored to use birthdate as the indicator of LIVING as long as there is no death date.  If individuals are not living, then they have not been privatized.  If there are no dates listed, however, then I have left the entry open to the public.  This is because it would be impossible to separate modern records from older ones.  If you see a name that you believe should be privatized, please let me know and I will attend to changing the record promptly.  I've got back to 1929.

As a side note, keep in mind that much information is in the public domain, anyway, including birth, death, residence, and marriage records.  Although the more sensitive elements of the data are shielded from public view, Ancestry will display the 'basics' in a simple search.

Because Ancestry's online trees are still in a primitive format, I will continue to update and upload our Descendant Reports for all the named families.  These will now show PRIVATE for all individuals flagged as such, but will still provide far more detail than the online version of the tree will.

On another note, I am gradually converting our grave makers galleries to Find-a-Grave - an excellent and seemingly permanent site for interment information.  All of our images will be posted (with appropriate credits) and we'll have the advantage of millions of users being able to view the records and contribute.

Last, but certainly not least, we'd like to welcome Chelsea LeeAnn Travis, great-granddaughter of Claude and Tacie Kilgore Winters who has already contributed a great deal of new and corrected information to her line.  Like they say in West Virginia:  "Howdy, cuz!"

29 April 2013

Thanks to Karen Hollen for giving us a shout and telling us about the upcoming Hollen-Wayts family reunion!  The information can be found here.  (Please allow time for the flyer to load, thanks.)

19 January 2013

Greetings, everyone!  I'd like to welcome the latest members to our family of contributors:  Jennifer Wayt a descendant of Abraham Bird Wayt, Vicki Pill a member of the Young family, Ed Wayt a descendant of Gard Wayt, Beth Dawkins a great-grandaughter of Beryl Winters, and Andrea Juchartz a descendant of the Daugherty and Thornburg familes.  We're all grateful for their detailed contributions to our family tree.  I'd like to extend a special welcome and thank you to Ashley Armstrong, g-g-grandaughter of Albert and Carrie Winters for her work on Find-a-Grave and for hooking us into her posts to share information.  It's always good to hear from Nancy Wayts Ayers and Anne Dunnivan, and as soon as I can sift through all their material, I will be posting another genealogy report.

Unfortunately, I'm still struggling with Family Tree Maker printing problems.  The latest version of the Wayt Family report in the library is a large HTML file - the PDF printing function of my FTM software has simply ceased to work.  Would like to hear any and all comments about the new format - son't spare me!  I'll keep working on a resolution.

22 October 2011

More records in the Library!  (Thanks, Mel!)  Also, new Wayt Descendant Report up - lots of new information, thanks to our loyal readership for submissions and corrections!

11 September 2011

Sorry to say I've had to - once again - take down our blog.  Didn't even bother to figure out why this time, but it's another finger-pointing session between the Web, the site hosts, and the hackers.  Email contact is still working fine, however!  (Knock on wood.)  Will have more records up for the Library shortly, thanks.

22 August 2011

I'd like to extend a warm welcome to Melanie Whitehead who has begun to assume the duties of Webmistress as well as updating Find-a-Grave.  There are a number of new records up in the Library, so be sure to browse those.  Melanie will be posting new records once or twice a week from this point forward.

11 June 2011

Thanks to Karen Hollen for forwarding a nice flyer for this years Hollen-Wayts reunion.  You can see it here.  Would like to also extend a warm welcome to Steven Blake, a direct descendant of Isaac and Jane Blake, Daniel Winters' in-laws.

7 May 2011

Belated, but thoroughly sincere welcomes to Lana Hayes (daughter of Alan Wayt), Kelly Humphry (g-g-g-granddaughter of Wellington and Sarah Hannah Wayt Jenney), and Melissa Gray (daughter of Brady and Eleanor Winters Gray).  Thanks to all for your correspondence and contributions.  Will be updating the database with this information shortly.  Would also like to extend a massive THANKS to Les Roettgen who forwarded me a fantastic photo of an inscription made on a rock at the top of Browning Mountain in Elkinsville, Indiana by one 'Frank Wayt,' whom I'm fairly certain is the son of Daniel Wayt.  Will be publishing this pic soon.

2 May 2011

Been working on some major changes to the website, so sorry about the lack of updates recently!  First of all, I'm going to begin transferring the gravestone information to Find-A-Grave.  This website has really proven itself out over the years, and I want to take advantage of its awesome range of exposure.  As a matter of fact, browsing their database, I've already connected with a number of folks who've taken photos of our family's markers which I've been able to research and add important new information to the tree.  These transfers take time, however - each record must be built separately, and if someone else has already uploaded the image, you're expected to contact them and request ownership or suggest modifications.  I've added a number of records to the Joseph B. Wayt family of Nauvoo Ridge, Marshall County, West Virginia, so go to findagrave.com and check it out!

I've been attempting to reformat the Descendant Narrative reports, but the software still will not cooperate.  Exports to HTML and Word leave the pages mangled and take forever to load.  Sorry about the large PDFs, but until and unless we get some standardization in these formats, the incompatibility issues will remain.  Unfortunately, my software STILL doesn't feature the option not to include blank facts, so the report reads a little humorously - but at least all the info is there!

I'd like to extend a BIG HOWDY to Kate Coffield (descendant of James Adam and Rose Winters Coffield) for the wonderful information she has provided about this branch of the family.  We've already worked out a number of fuzzy areas.  Thanks, Kate!

23 October 2010

I've added a blog entitled Random Thoughts to the site - not much to do with our family tree or genealogy, but just some musings that you might enjoy.  See the new button on the navigation bar on the left.  Also, would like to extend a warm welcome to Julie Keller, a descendant of Adaline Wayt; and Lise Wayt, a descendant of William Allen Wayt.

9 September 2010

Added a few things to our Odds 'n' Ends page, thanks to Nancy Wayts Ayers and Priscilla Winters Wear.  FTM v2011 is here and hopefully it will be much improved over the previous 'new' versions which have severely impacted my ability to keep the Descendant Narratives updated.  Look for updates there shortly as well as a new blog I'm creating just to jot down some ideas and musings - feedback always welcome!

12 July 2010

I've merged the photo galleries into one big file - hope this is agreeable to everyone.  The problem is that I can't easily create new galleries using the same templates with the software I have, so I was letting some of the photos submitted by contributors languish.  The new setup should make it easier for me to stay on top of the photos.  The new gallery is located right where the others were for now (Gallery button).  Comments welcome! 

19 June 2010

Thanks to Karen Hollen for sending us this announcement of this year's Hollen-Wayts reunion!  Stayed tuned to this space for photos and info following the gathering.

14 June 2010

We've added a new feature to our website:  family pages (see navigation button on the left).  I've decided that instead of embedding everyone's information into the existing site pages, I'd offer the opportunity for folks to send me things to be posted to their very own web pages.  Contributors will have a separate web address that folks can link to directly, and I'll volunteer to keep the web pages up-to-date with new information as the 'owners' see fit.  Feel free to forward me anything you wish!  I've got space for software databases (such as Family Tree Maker), photos, even videos.  Hope you enjoy!

2 March 2010

We're saddened to note the passing of William Eugene Wayt on 26 February.  I had the pleasure of meeting Mr. Wayt last year and learning a great deal about his line of the family.  He was a gentleman and a trooper and will be missed by his family and all who knew him.  We've posted an updated Wayt Register report - lots of new material!

4 October

Added a little something to the Odds 'n' Ends page at the bottom.  Also, both the Winters and Wayt genealogy reports have been updated.  My apologies AGAIN for any duplicate footnotes at the end of the reports.  Family Tree Maker programmers appear to be stumped on this one, but they are still working on it.

8 September

It is with great sadness that I must report that my good friend, genealogy mentor, and second cousin, Margaret Wayt DeBolt passed away this summer.  There is nothing more that I can add other than to urge folks to read her entry in our Biographies section, which says it all.  Fortunately, we were able to complete work on submitting her Wayt family archive to West Virginia University, and she was aware that her work "had found a good home."  Her collection has been established there under her name for researchers to enjoy and benefit from for generations to come.  Now, she is with all those ancestors that she had researched, and I know they are all sharing wonderful stories about our shared past.

15 July

We've added some great photos from the family of Bert Wayt in Gallery 6.  Don't miss these!  New Genealogy Report coming soon, too.

7 July

Many more records added to the Library as well as a whole new album of grave markers.

19 June

Big update to the website this time around.  The different site navigation buttons represent a simpler way of getting around - we hope you like it!  I'm toying with the idea of re-starting my email 'site updates notification' service, so if you're interested in receiving an automatic email each time the site is updated (so you don't have to remember to re-visit!), just click on the Contact Me button on the left and send me a quick note.  Many more records have been added to the Records section and hopefully, the names will begin to appear in Google.  Lastly, but certainly most special this time around is a brand new feature entitled Tour of Sac City, Iowa With Bert Wayt.  You won't want to miss this!

1 June

I would like to extend a belated WELCOME and big thanks to a couple of more 'cuzzins' out there:  Bonnie Klockner who has basically solved the mystery of the 'missing' Samuel and Jane Wharry branch of the original Sand Hill Winters family, and Ashley Wolverton who has provided a significant amount of information about the Neely and Burge families who are related to the Wayts.

26 May

Finished another gallery and added two more family Reports to our Library, the Lesh Family and the Simms Family.  Planning on adding more research materials in the next update, so stay tuned! Thanks again to everyone for their contributions.

10 May

Uploaded a new gallery of family photos as well as another set of photos of grave markers.  I wish to welcome and thank Jessica Smith (granddaughter of William Eugene Wayt), Jay Jarboe (grandson of Edna Louise Wayt Jarboe), Marilyn Mitts Jenney (wife of Charles Wesley Jenney, g-grandson of Sarah Hanna Wayt Jenney), Gary Gamble (grandson of Henry A.W. Wayt), and Bonnie Winters Klockner (g-g-granddaughter of Samuel & Jane Wharry Winters).  It was also good to hear and get updates from Anne Wayt Dunivan, Kay Busz, and Karen Hollen, regular contributors to our information database, and 'cuzzin' Bill Sparks keeping us updated on the Simms family.  Finally, I would like to extend a HUGE 'thanx and a hat tip' from all of us to Peggy Vipond and Courtney Tompkins for their over-the-top help and support in assisting me repair our damaged database.  Folks like these are rare these days and all us Wayts and Winterses appreciate their efforts!

16 February

After a tremendous amount of work, we have finally uploaded a new version of the Descendant Narrative!  Unfortunately, there are many duplicate footnote citations (this is permanently broken until I fix them one by one), but at least all is there.  We would like to thank Gary Gamble for providing some wonderful photos and information about his grandmother, Gertie V. Wayt Gamble.  (These will be uploaded to the Gallery page shortly.)  Other news:  if anyone would like to receive an email notice when this site is updated, please drop me a line, thanks.

January 1, 2009

HAPPY NEW YEAR!  Lots of new additions to the Library Records section, so please take advantage of that.  Tip:  when using Google to search the Internet, always begin without using quotes.  This will allow the search engine to find good matches that may not be exact, but might be what you're looking for.  I've redesigned the listings on this website to better correspond to the way that Google works.

Best wishes to everyone for a good year forward...

21 December

Well, 2008 is drawing to a close.  Gallery 5 has been added to our collection and I would like to thank the following contributors for their wonderful support:  Kay Jackson Busz, Anne Wayt Dunivan, Kelly Frich, Shelly Kellogg, and Kay Spiegel.  Unfortunately, my genealogy software is still dead in the water, so we'll have to continue with the Genealogy Report as it stands right now until I can produce a new one.  Meantime, if you have any questions, feel free to contact me and I'll try to help as best I can.  Look for more updates after the New Year.

30 November

Re-added the Family Homesites link in the Gallery and expanded Gallery 4 to include a backlog of submitted photos.  I'll have the rest up shortly now that I have repaired my images database.

22 November

Apologize for the lack of updates, but I've been through quite a lot with my genealogy software!  Two separate upgrades and hours of tech support, but our Descendant Narrative is literally dead in the water.  Thanks to all for your contributions and updates, however!  I hope to get a fresh copy of the Report up soon so everyone can see the progress.  Stay tuned...

28 April

Added links to links page.  Uploaded an essay on DNA Testing.

3 April

Well, a new layout, for starters!  I've decided to simplify the site navigation and remove some of the layers of menus, thanks to all for your suggestions!  In addition, I've made the decision to move away from the site as being a primary research tool and instead focus more upon the family records and artifact images repository aspects.  (There are far too many grey areas when it comes to cited and copyrighted materials to attempt to manage them within the website.)

Also, because there are so many common touchpoints between my two family lines, I've combined both surnames - Winters and Wayt - into one website.  Don't worry, with the pages constructed the way they are and the built-in site and search tools, finding what you need will be no less easy.

You'll notice a number of subtle changes to the content of the pages, however.  This page, for example, will feature only site changes.  Information as to the people and contents are now located on the Announcements page, so please check there often, thanks.