Winters & Wayt Families

Ohio - West Virginia - Pennsylvania

Welcome to the genealogy website of the Wayt and Winters families!


If this is your first time visiting, I appreciate you stopping by.  If this is a return visit, I hope you enjoy the new layout.

Those familiar with the previous website will see that much of the information previously published is no longer here, such as the Descendant Narrative, the hundreds of photos, the grave marker section, and other items.  There are reasons for this.

First of all, I've discovered to my dismay that many of my photos (yes, they're mine - I have the originals) had been "lifted" for use on other websites, most notably, Ancestry.   This is unfortunate because not only is this plagiarism, but it breaks the chain of provenance that includes vital information about the individuals and places and other aspects of the images that are important to proper genealogy research.

However, what's done is done, and the biggest changes to the website came about due simply to advancements made with both Ancestry and Find-a-Grave.  Both of these tools have become de facto databases for genealogy information, and few researchers do not use them to one degree or another.

Therefore, I have decided to upload most of the photos and other information directly to these sites, and I will include links on this site to each record.  Although my research will still be private, I am willing to share with anyone who asks.  Furthermore, updates and corrections to the tree are most welcome, and I include full credit with each Fact cited.

Check back to this website often as I will be posting updates almost daily until this notice is taken down. I'll be posting a contact email soon, as well. THANKS!

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